Health Office

Our Health room is staffed part time by a Registered Nurse (RN) and a School Health Assistant (SHA). Dell Children’s Hospital has partnered with AISD to provide services to ill and injured students in order to optimize learning. Visit the AISD Student Health Services page for more information. Thank you and have a healthy, happy School year!

The more information you can share with our health room team on your student’s specific needs the better. If your student has a food allergy, please let us know so we can communicate with the cafeteria staff, including providing a picture of your student. If your student will be needing medication at school, permission is required in writing from parents on our Medication Authorization Form. In particular note that:

  • Inhalers require a different form and a physician’s signature on the Asthma Action Plan.
  • If your student requires an Epi-pen please fill out the appropriate paperwork and leave in the health room.

Over the counter medication can be kept in the health room for two weeks with written permission from parents (fill out the medication authorization form). If the student will need it longer a doctor’s note is required. In addition, health room staff can only give medications as written on the box, so please make sure the medication is for your child’s age group.

You must provide the main office (not your child’s teacher) with a written note or email the registrar for absences (including illness). We cannot accept phone calls.

All forms/notes must be submitted within 48hrs of the students return to school.  Please see the AISD Compulsory Attendance & 90% Rule and the AISD Student Handbook for more information.


For any questions or concerns please feel free to call at 512-414-0942

Health Room Hours

Health room staff hours vary day to day. See the daily schedule below:

Gini Hand, RN
Monday 7:30–3:30
Wednesday 7:30-3:30
Thursday 7:30-3:30

Jackie Jordan, SHA
Tuesday 7:30-3:06
Friday 7:30-3:06