Traffic Pattern

Student Drop off/ Pick up

In order to achieve smooth daily drop-off and pick-up routines please follow the traffic patterns described below.

If coming from Duval Rd. traveling West, you will drop off at the library parking lot on Harris Ave. (indicated by the blue X) and then turn left on Hampton Rd. If coming from Red River, you will travel eastbound on Harris Ave and turn left on Hampton Rd to drop off in front of the school.

For those planning to walk their students to the entry points, we recommend Harris Park Avenue or East 35th and Greenway Street. We also have a pedestrian bridge over Waller Creek from Landon Lane. Please help us do our best to keep Hampton Road clear for staff members and AISD transportation.

​Please use your blinkers at all times and in the interest of morning teamwork, at no time should anyone be driving up the hill on Harris toward Red River (eastbound) or up the hill on Harris toward Duvall (westbound). Thank you very much!