Library Programming

Students visit the library every week with their class and are provided with lessons by the librarian related to freedom to choose what they like with a consideration of challenging themselves to read harder. Other lessons center on research, curriculum coordination, library use and appreciation, cultural awareness through literature, reading challenges, visiting authors, and scholarly talks on other topics. and understanding of the various materials.

Library visits may consist of story time with the librarian, activities to explore and understand the library.

The Library Catalog and Online Library Resources are especially helpful. Access to these sites is available through the AISD student portal. Students can access the portal at then navigate to the AISD Catalog or MackinVia. In MackinVia students can access ebooks and district sponsored databases on the side menu bar, click on "Digital Resources." Please contact Mrs. Day for your child's username and password. 

Students in the Library

Students are encouraged to check out one book to read independently and another book of their choice.

Students are encouraged to demonstrate responsibility by returning or renewing books on time and exercising proper care of library materials. Checkouts are for 2 weeks. A renewal period is available for older students with longer books being used for classroom projects and reports.

Lost books should be reported to the librarian. Arrangements will be made for the student to continue using library books while searching for the lost book. If a book is not found by the end of the school year, a notice of the cost of the book will be sent home. Paying for lost books will clear student records for the district.

Supporting the Library

Volunteers are always welcomed in the library. Volunteers help with checking in and out the books for our students and shelving books, as well. We can also use volunteers to help with Book Fair, Maker Fair, and other library sponsored activities. 

Please contact Mrs. Day if you’d like to help. or 512-414-2098 ext. 57836