Physical Education

Marathon Kids

Students at Lee in grades 1-6 will be challenged to run/walk the equivalent of four marathons (104.8 miles!) over the course of the school year, in quarter or half mile increments. Marathon Kids helps your child feel a sense of accomplishment and pride by tracking progress on a mileage log, while earning rewards along the way!

Free finisher shirts are sent directly to schools for those children who complete the Marathon Kids Program! There is no cost to students, parents, teachers or schools.

Family Fitness Night

Family Fitness Night is part of the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) initiative, a TEA approved Coordinated School Health Program designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices, and prevent tobacco use in elementary school aged children. By teaching children that eating healthy and being physically active every day can be FUN, the CATCH Program has proved that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior change that carry into adulthood.

CATCH is a resource or tool that builds an alliance of parents, teachers, child nutrition personnel, school staff, and community partners to teach children and their families how to be healthy for a lifetime. The four CATCH components – Go For Health Classroom Curriculum, CATCH Physical Education, Eat Smart School Nutrition Guide, and family Home Team activities – reinforce positive healthy behaviors throughout a child’s day and make it clear that good health and learning go hand in hand.

This event is organized by Coach Alyssa Rangel and held in the gym. It features a wide variety of fun physical activities for everyone and prizes for participating Roadrunners. It is held in conjunction with Noche Latina.


Contact Alyssa Rangel with questions about Lee Elementary's physical education program.